La Palmera Spa

Your Happy Destination!

Your Happy Destination!

We welcome you to La Palmera Spa. It is your happy destination where luxury meets your new anti-stress lifestyle and a place to focus on self-care effortlessly. Allow our expert massage therapist, skincare specialist, master cosmetologist, plasma skin-tightening specialist, cosmetic tattoo artist, and BossLady mindset strategist life coach: guide you into total relaxation with complete customized experiences; designed for your mind, body, and beauty. Now the only question is - Are you ready to start living your best life?

Couple’s Spa Treatments

We understand the challenges, struggles, and daily stress couples experience and how it can impact their energy and relationship. Our team of experts has designed couples treatments to help you escape the daily stress and grow a stronger partnership by unwinding, rebalancing, de-stressing, and relaxing together. Keep the “flame-lit and the honeymoon stage alive” by reserving one of these luxurious treatments today.

À La Carte Menu

Now that you have officially begun your self-care journey with us by scheduling your reservation, we want to ensure you get the total experience and care your mind, body, and beauty really need. So, let’s level up elevate your treatment for optimal results and benefits by upgrading your reservation. Choose from our premium, first, and royal class upgrades designed for total relaxation; while enhancing your skin and body care. The ultimate spa experience that allows you to escape and unwind truly - aka. Paradise.

Our Menu of Services

  • Massage therapy and body treatment
    relaxation, anti-stress, and pain relief

  • Facial and Skincare treatments
    anti-aging, acne, and maintenance

  • Cosmetology and Haircare
    (Abbeville only)

  • Nair Care and Tanning
    (Abbeville only)

  • Waxing and Hair Removal Treatments

  • Permanent Make Up & Fillers

  • Lash & Brow Enhancements

La Palmera Spa