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BossLady (n.) - a confident & independent woman who takes charge of her life.

BossLady Mindset Strategist:
Guiding service based women entrepreneurs into organizing their power around their money, time and spirit: add under header before bio

Hi, BossLady in the Making,
First the professional details: I am Nicky Stansbury, the founder & BossLady mindset strategist of La Palmera Spa. I am an author, speaker, & master entrepreneur. My professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Science in Human Services, and a Certified life coach focusing on stress management. I would say that my expertise in stress management was all bookwork, but I’d be lying. It all started after a 1 hour & 45-minute daily commute to and from work. My neck was badly hurting, and there was not a single place that could accommodate me for a last-minute massage after hours. The paperwork and changes in the industry that I was employed in stressed me into illness.

One day, after the quarterly deadlines were met, I found myself sick for a week with a high fever and unable to get out of bed. Finally, I found the strength on day 7 to get up. Finally, I walked myself into the local walk-in clinic with the belief that I would just get antibiotics and be done. Then, I was attached to an EKG machine because my heart rate was so high. The doctor wanted to put me on general anxiety medications because of the stress that I had regularly been feeling. I was working non-stop; therefore, I had many sleepless nights. I would sleep and wake up only after a couple of hours. My first thoughts in my awakening were an entire complex series of worries. First, I would worry about work. Then, I would worry about my family because of work. It was a constant worry struggle teetering between work, family, bills, etc. They all went “hand in hand” all the hours of every day. Eventually, I realized it was an endless cycle of worry, fear, overwhelm. It was at that moment that I knew I had to make serious life changes.

So, what did I do? I used the tools I had all along, tucked away- overshadowed by this anxiety my mind had created and invested my time and money into coaches, mentors, classes, and businesses. I recreated my spirit and pulled it way up from a very chaotic low level. That is when La Palmera Spa was born. “Home of the Good Vibe Tribe.”

One more thing that you might (or might not) find interesting, I’m not only a trainer for people, but for dogs, and surprisingly the two work together beautifully. Dogs are our greatest teachers, and we are the greatest teachers of dogs. Co-creating is the greatest skill needed for unconditional love.

Now, for the personal details: I have an amazing marriage of 19 years to Keith, and I love, love, love travel with him(particularly Caribbean travel), Scuba Diving, and fishing! I love luxury brands, first-class, and almost anything that is of limited experience. I love the open water. I am often in nature admiring the sights and sounds. I am the fun/favorite Aunt and was sort of the cool mom when the girls were young enough for it to matter. I love our daughters, Maci & Makenzi, and my entire family. I am the oldest of 6 girls and have learned to pick my battles wisely. I aggravate others when I respond rather than react because most people just want something to be said right away, “nip it in the bud”, so to speak. They don’t know that I nip it in the bud by doing the inner work, which is one of my secrets to mastering the art of killing the chaos and choosing peace over anything. I love working on my mindset and beliefs then teaching others about my discoveries. Some of my favorite quotes are: “There is nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so”-William Shakespeare”., One can be instructed in society, one is inspired only in solitude.- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “Small & Something leads to action, All or Nothing is your greatest distraction”.

- Nicky Stansbury aka Me 🙂

Now, what can I do for you? Well, in addition to being behind the scenes of La Palmera Spa, I guide service-based women entrepreneurs into organizing their power around money, time, & spirit. I’ve written several self-help books, including “Anchored for Freedom”, planners, and journals, as well as the “Less Salty Blog”. My Signature “BossLady Alpha System” is the secret to all successes. I’m currently creating the release of “BossLady Money Moves”, a digital course, and planning the annual BossLady Live Event, formerly known as “StressLess Live”.

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